Can You Find All Six Words Hidden In This Picture? Most Can't

Hidden puzzle pictures are making a big comeback this year. Even better, the best-hidden puzzle pics today offer the brain a real challenge by hiding words instead of objects.

Check out the hidden word puzzle below, for example. There are six words concealed in this scene of two children building a fort with their cat. Why don’t you test yourself to see if you can locate all six hidden words in the puzzle? The makers of this puzzle say that just 10% of those who try can actually find all six of the hidden words.

Psychologists point out that children can solve many puzzles faster than adults can because they generally look at things from a variety of different angles or perspectives. The younger the child, the quicker they can solve many kinds of puzzles.

Although it seems weird that children can out-puzzle-solve adults, the reason is that adults typically make things more complicated than they need to be. That is, adults usually approach puzzles and word problems from an analytical perspective and automatically look for patterns or sequences. However, this means they sometimes miss the obvious, and when they can’t find any patterns to analyze, most adults will eventually give up and assume they cannot solve the problem.

Source: Sun-Gazing
Photo: Sun-Gazing

Can you find all the words?

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