Can You Find All 6 Words In This Children’s Game? Most Adults Have Difficulty Doing So

When you were younger, do you remember raiding 'Highlights for Children,' the popular children's magazine? One of the most exciting features were the games and puzzles the publication offered. Just because you're an adult, don't think you'd enjoy them any less.

Highlights word puzzle games have been making the rounds and are going viral on social media. It seems a lot of adults enjoying a blast from their past are having fun with the magazine puzzles yet again.

The most popular puzzles by far involve looking for secret words written into drawings. The drawings often feature a busy scene, such as a hopping pizza shop or kids leaving school in the rain. Somewhere in each picture there are six words scribbled into the drawing.

It may or may not surprise you that kids have an easier time finding the words than adults. Maybe it’s because adults who haven't seen Highlights in years are out of practice. Check out the puzzles below if you want to relive your childhood a little.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

Can you find all the words?




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