Burglars Get Dose Of Karma After Breaking Into Man's Home (Photos)

A man in Argentina confronted four armed burglars in his home with a Samurai sword, and severely injured all four.

With moves that would do justice to Kuroswa, Dias Costa, 49, slashed the bodies of the four criminals who invaded his home. The injured crooks took off in a car dripping with blood.

The attempted burglary occurred in the Cerro Norte neighborhood of Cordoba, Argentina and all of the would-be thieves ended up in intensive care.

Costa and his wife Christina, 48, were sleeping when the group armed with two pistols, broke into their house early in the morning. 

The police commissioner Maria commented: "In a moment when the attackers were not paying attention, the house owner took a samurai sword and defended himself, injuring the attackers and making them run away."

The bumbling quartet only got away with $350 in cash before fleeing in a car parked outside.

However, the driver lost control of the vehicle doe to severe bleeding, swerving into a car parked on the side of the road, and with all four ending up at the hospital for emergency treatment.

Police arrested two men and one woman at the hospital, and another man eventually came to the hospital the next day with serious sword injuries.

Of note, the Costas decided to move in with relatives in another city as they are worried about revenge attacks.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

Man attacks burglars with samurai sword.

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