Burglar Caught After Falling Asleep on the Job

Serial burglar, Ian Carr, was in the midst of raiding a Newcastle home when his student victims found him sleeping and snoring loudly on their living room sofa. Michael Kitchen went out for a drink in the early hours when he discovered the burglar in his room.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister said, "He had his head back and was snoring loudly. Mr. Kitchen told his flat-mate, Matthew Thompson and they phoned the police and waited in the hallway until the police arrived. When two police officers arrived they found the defendant still asleep on the sofa. He was woken up and arrested."

In addition, Carr was wearing Mr. Kitchen's jacket and stolen items, including Giorgio Armani and a wallet.

On the balcony, they found a laptop, charging cable and mouse in a carrier bag on the balcony. Carr, 29, of Avondale Rise, Byker, already had five convictions for house burglaries among his 95 previous offenses.

Mr. Kitchen said, “I feel shocked and shaken by what happened. I feel my sofa and belongings are now contaminated.”

Carr, who said he had taken 12 valium tablets and methadone that day, pleaded guilty to burglary and theft and was jailed for two years and eight months.

Photo: Mirror, Urban7

He wanted to rob them, but got a little tired.

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