Boy Viciously Attacked At School - Parents Furious With How Officials Are Handling The Situation

Eugene Mota was stunned when he got a phone call from his son’s school saying the boy had been in a fight and had major injuries

"As a parent, you weren't there to protect him, not there to make sure he's okay," Mota noted.

According to witnesses, Tyler Mota was hit, thrown to the ground and beaten for an extended period while a teacher was taking attendance.

"I think it was more of an attack. A fight is pushing, punching, not busting somebody's teeth like that with anger," Mota’s dad commented.

An email from the school nurse noted Tyler had several teeth knocked out, his gums were badly damaged and his own teeth penetrating his chin.

However, an ambulance was not called to the school.

Eugene Mota was incensed at the school’s inaction.

"They should have called EMSA right away. If he was passed out on the floor, blood everywhere, teeth in a milk carton, what else had to happen for them to call an ambulance?" he remarked angrily.

It seems that school administrators decided to call Tyler's mother, who works over 30 miles away.

Given there was traffic, it took Tyler’s mom a solid hour to arrive at the school.

"When I saw Tyler in a wheelchair, I just kept shaking. I took him and rushed to St Anthony's," Michelle Mota stated.

Tyler’s injuries will require reconstructive surgery and is on a liquid diet for at least three months.

An investigation into the school’s handling of the incident is underway. The school district statement noted: "We are deeply saddened and share the mother's concerns in regards to her son's injuries."

Of note, a police report has been filed, and assault and battery charges are being considered against the student who provoked the incident and attacked Tyler.

Warning: Graphic Content

Source: KFOR
Photo: Inquisitr

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