Boy Rescued By Police After Being Forced To Live In A Cage

There is nothing more heartbreaking for authorities than to find an abused child. In one case that shocked locals, a young boy was being kept prisoner in a cage in a filth-infested home. There was no record of the young boy's existence as the family had never even reported his birth.

Environmental workers in the city of Hadera, Israel were summoned to an apartment building due to some complaints of a horrid stench. The smell seemed to be emanating from an apartment that was locked up and thought to be empty.

The environmental workers arrived and could smell the horrible stench, but were unable to locate the source. Not wanting to trespass, they would call the cops shortly after arriving there to check it out. As the New York Post shares, they discovered a sealed-up apartment, and they were pretty confident that it contained a dead body.

Police would arrive, but there was no dead body to be found. However, the apartment in question was beyond repulsive, with so much rotting trash strewn about the floor that there wasn’t even a path to walk through the place. But that’s not the worst of it. Police would discover that people actually lived in there and that there was a 14-year-old boy in there that was essentially being held captive.

“I’ve encountered a lot of stories. I’ve worked at city hall for 20 years, but I have never encountered such a thing,” said city environmental chief Yitzhak Buzaglo. “I barely managed to walk around the apartment because the entire floor was full of trash and boxes. I saw one double bed. I don’t know where the boy slept. There was no air in the home. They hadn’t opened the windows.”

Before getting to the boy, a pair of disheveled-looking parents attacked the officers. The officers placed them under arrest, and the boy informed them he was only taken out every few weeks for a half hour at a clip.

Those journeys outside would see him confined to a makeshift cage. The boy’s disturbed mother claims there’s a perfectly good reason for that.

“The boy is sick, we are looking out for him, everything we did was done so that he would not go outside and contract diseases,” according to the boy’s mother.

The boy also told authorities that he slept in the double bed with his parents at night, and spent most of his days locked up.

The mother’s attorney also chimed in to express how concerned the mother is for her child’s well-being.

“The mother is upset and is in a difficult emotional state, mainly out of concern for her son’s situation,” added Dan Gilad, the mother’s attorney.

The family was originally from Russia and had moved to Israel in the 2000's. In 2009, they moved to Hadera. Investigators checked and found no hospital, doctor or school records for the boy in Hadera.

They suspect that for eight long years, the child never left the apartment. No one even knew the child was there.

Authorities did find the parents had two other children. They are trying to locate the boy’s two sisters, now adults living on their own, to see if they are in fit condition to take in and care for their brother.

Source: New York Post
Photos: San Antonio Express-News, Aragon Law Firm, Hospice East Bay

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