Boy Punched In The Face By A Girl - School Discovers What He Did To Her

A busy nurse got a phone call from her daughter's school. She was asked to come to the school immediately for a meeting about her daughter. When she arrived, she found a room full of people waiting for her, but the mom wasn't easily intimidated.

"The boy had twanged my daughter's bra and she had punched him in the face twice. I got the impression they were more angry with my daughter than the boy," the mom writes.

"Oh. And you want to know if I'm going to press charges against him for sexually assaulting my daughter and against the school for allowing him to do it?" she asked.

Everyone in the room got ‘jittery,' explains the mom. The daughter explains that the boy kept 'pinging' her bra. The teacher told her to ignore the boy, and the behavior got so bad that the 15-year-old girl's bra became unhooked. That's when she hit him. The mother then admonished the teacher, boy, his parents, counselor and principal for not taking the boy's behavior seriously.

"With all due respect," the principal told her, according to the mother's story, "...[your daughter] still beat another child."

"No. She defended herself against a sexual attack from another pupil. Look at them; he's a foot taller than her and twice as heavy. How many times should she have let him touch her? If the person who was supposed to help and protect her in a classroom couldn't be bothered what should she have done? He pulled her bra so hard it came undone."

This was obviously not going the way everyone else in the room expected it to go. The mother informed them that she was taking her daughter home, and that she would be reporting it to the superintendent.

"You wouldn't let him do it to a member of the staff so what makes you think he can do it to a girl of 15 is beyond me."

The mom reports the story had a happy ending: the superintendent was appalled by the boy's behavior and the teacher's handling of it. The daughter was moved to a new class altogether.

Source: The Daily Headline
Photo: Die4Kids

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