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'Blue Whale Challenge' Is Terrifying 'Game' That Drives Kids To Suicide, Families Warn

Crazy challenges on some social media have encouraged kids to try stunts like lighting themselves on fire or eating things that could make them sick. Now, a new secret online game attempts to lead kids through a series of dangerous stunts.

The ultimate goal is to drive children to commit suicide. Some people believe it's just an internet legend, but there are grieving parents who are trying to sound the alarm that the game is very real.

The game is called the 'Blue Whale Challenge'. A child playing the game would be invited by a 'curator', or 'whale'.

This is usually an older child or adult stringing the child along. The game offers kids a series of challenges, which seem innocent enough at the beginning, but children are manipulated down a dark path.

In the beginning, tasks include things like having the kids cut their own hand or arm, telling them to watch a scary video sent to them late at night, or to draw a whale on a piece of paper. Kids are supposed to report back to their curator when they finish a task, offering photo proof.

As the game goes on, kids are supposed to do more serious things, such as carving words onto their own flesh. They're told to do things such as standing on the edge of a roof, climbing a crane, and to drink bleach.

As time goes on kids are immersed in hours of talking to whales online, watching scary videos, listening to sick music and cutting themselves. At the climax of the game, the curator instructs the child to commit suicide.

Kids may be pushed into it by curators threatening to expose the other things they’ve done.

Rumor has it that 130 kids died over the last two years playing the game in Russia, where it is believed to have originated. According to, claims are unproven.

Some think the game is a myth. However, there are many parents who believe their child died while playing the game.

Jorge Gonzales of San Antonio says his 15-year-old son, Isaiah Gonzalez, died playing the game. Isaiah was found hanging in his bedroom closet one morning with his phone propped up to stream his death on social media.

After Isaiah's death, the family found evidence of the teen reporting that he'd finished challenges in chat rooms.

One family in Atlanta believe their 16-year-old daughter killed herself as a result of the game. The family found artwork and writings from the girl that referenced a whale, prompting the family to do research.

“I start researching and start reading more about the game, what it’s asking. Then I start to put some of the pieces — how during the weekend she asked me to step on the roof of the house,” the girl’s mother said.

“I realized one of the pictures is from our roof, and it’s something that the game asked."

The girl left artwork behind that said 'I am a whale' in Russian. The family doesn't speak Russian.

"'I am a whale,' this is basically saying goodbye [in the game]," said her brother.

After Gonzales' son's death he learned that Isaiah had carved things on his arms that the game instructs children to carve, and that Isaiah had sent images to friends online that match tasks in the game.

“I want [parents] to go through their phones, look at their social media,” Jorge Gonzales said to KSAT. “If they’re on that challenge already, they can catch that from happening.”

Source: NY Daily News, WNCN
Photo: Inside Edition

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