BLM Group Protests Chick-fil-A for Allegedly 'Backing the Blue', Get a Surprise When Manager Walks Out

To Chick-fil-A they were just giving some officers a free meal, but the way Black Lives Matter protesters saw it, Chick-fil-A was trying to silence their movement.

Tennessee Black Lives Matters organizers recently held a protest in from of a Johnson City Chick-fil-A because the restaurant "openly supporting the Blue Lives Matter movement," Independent Journal Review reports.

However, Johnson City Chick-fil-A manager Darrell Fowler said this is a misunderstanding.

"The day after the terrible killings in Dallas, we fed all law enforcement officers a free meal,” Fowler explained. “And I think that offended them because they tied the Blue Lives Matter movement."

Chick-fil-A staff even handed out lemonade to the protestors.

“There is no blue lives matter originated by Chick-Fil-A, the back the blue was a campaign out of Houston, Texas for a high school football team,” Fowler explained.

This was explained to protest organizers who squashed and controversy and ended up having a friendly event.

"We're not a religious organization, we're not a political organization,” said Fowler. “We want to serve everybody with honor, dignity, and respect. It's my job in the hospitality business to make everyone comfortable, even if they're not comfortable with me."

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Screenshot

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