BLM Demand Police Receive New Restrictions - Then This Happened

The city of Chicago embraced the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, and placed a number of restrictions on police to help minorities feel safer. A year later, violent crimes and murder in the already high-crime city surges to record-breaking numbers.

Chicago placed restrictions on police 'proactive tactics' last year in attempts to help black people feel safer in their own neighborhoods. The efforts were a response to complaints that black people were being targeted by police, leaving those in disadvantaged neighborhoods vulnerable to having their civil rights violated by authorities. Activists argued that racism was the root cause of much of the violence in the city.

Proactive policing involves aggressive patrol, stop-and-frisk tactics, and confronting potential wrongdoers before crimes were committed. Since introducing proactive police tactics in the 1990s, crime went down in the windy city.

In the last year, now that proactive tactics have been discouraged, crime is back up. Criminals feel safer to carry guns and/or drugs now that it's less likely they'll be stopped by police. Pedestrian stops are down 82 percent since last year, and shootings are up 47 percent.

"Imagine for a moment that you are a police officer, and you see a group of known drug dealers blocking a sidewalk. Nearby residents can’t get through without walking in the street to get around them," says the Blue Lives Matter Facebook page, trying to explain the dilemma.

Police can try to talk to thugs, who only cuss and ignore officers. "You are left with no other reasonable option besides arresting them for not complying with your order to disperse. One of the dealers is a felon with a gun on him and he knows that you will find the gun if arrest him, so he reacts by drawing his gun on you." they explain. "You respond by shooting him to defend your life. The headline in the paper the next day is about how you shot a man for standing on the sidewalk."

Black people in Chicago are 160 times more likely to be killed by another black person than by a police officer. As crime statistics rise to alarming rates the city is turning to police again for help. The mayor is hoping to hire 1,000 more officers to help bring order back to the streets.

Source: Mad World News
Photo: Truth Revolt

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