This Birthday Message From Melania Trump Has Taken The Internet By Storm

President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, have been under the public microscope ever since Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the presidency. After Donald Trump became president, the media scrutiny increased and an enormous number of strange theories began to spread across the internet. A particularly bizarre series of comments are gaining significant online traction after Melania Trump uploaded a happy birthday image on Twitter in recognition of her husband’s 71st Birthday.

The First Lady’s birthday message came in the form of a yellow-gold birthday card, embossed with a regal symbol and the printed message: ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’. However, most Twitter users were not overly interested in the main subject of Melania’s tweet. Instead, online commentators zeroed in on a small detail on the birthday card, a tiny orange spot.

The mysterious orange dot has helped turn the First Lady’s upload into a viral tweet, garnering over 48,000 ‘likes’ and more than 7,900 ‘retweets’ from users of the popular social media platform. The seemingly unimportant detail has left many people bemused and perplexed, leading to a period of intense online discussion and speculation about the cause of the mysterious orange stain. The first person to notice and comment on the strange mark was a Twitter user named @sarahjeong, who wrote, “What is thaaat.”

One of the initial theories about the orange dot implied that it came from President Trump’s finger, which may have marred the card with a splotch of pen ink or sweat. This idea proved popular with several other Twitter users, many of whom compared the small size of the ‘fingerprint’ with the infamous remarks of Marco Rubio, a Republican Senator and failed contender in the 2016 primary.

However, a more popular theory was that the unexplained orange mark was somehow linked to one of President Trump’s most famous and equally cryptic tweets – “Despite the constant negative press covfefe." In a humorous exchange, a Twitter user named @darth posted his own version of President Trump’s birthday card, digitally editing Melania’s image to show the small orange dot bordered with the word ‘covfefe’. Another Twitter user sarcastically implied that it might be spilled coffee, responding to @sarahjeong and writing: Some spilled covfefe?

President Trump’s tanning routine has been the butt of innumerable jokes over the course of the 2016 presidential election. Therefore, after the orange spot was discovered, it was only a matter of time before online commentators made the inevitable progression to spray tan jokes. A Twitter user named @Codycule quickly commented that the splotch may be from “A misery teardrop... after running down a spray tanned face.” The jokes about spray tans continued for some time, with a user named @justkelly_ok writing: “Maybe that's what boogers look like when you spray-tan too much.”

Despite the intense public speculation, Melania has not yet explained the real reason for the orange spot. Twitter users will likely never find out the truth but the jokes are likely to keep coming for a little while yet.

Source: AOL
Photo: Melania Trump/Twitter

At first glance, the message seems like nothing special.

A Twitter user noticed a small detail.

Soon, it was the talk of the town.

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