Bill O'Reilly Finally Breaks Silence- Drops Bombshell About Sexual Harassment Claims

Bill O’Reilly's dismissal from Fox News took over the headlines after he was accused of sexual harassment.

O'Reilly has long contended that he did nothing wrong in regards to the allegations that led to his departure from Fox News, but he’s starting to get more vocal about it. He’s made a number of media appearances in recent times, and he also remains active in the media industry via his own podcast and website. This week, he stopped by NBC’s ‘Today’ show to discuss his new book, ‘Killing England,’ and he would also spend plenty of time discussing the scandal that forced him out of Fox.

As the Daily Mail shares, host Matt Lauer dropped a number of probing questions on O’Reilly, who was pretty clear in his assessment of the situation.

“In 42 years, I've worked for 12 companies - not one time did I ever have any interaction with HR or any complaints filed against me,” he said. “Nobody is a perfect person but I can go to sleep at night very well knowing that I never mistreated anyone on my watch in 42 years.”

O’Reilly has mentioned a number of times that this was some sort of conspiracy to have him ousted, and he hit similar notes while chatting with Lauer.

“This was a political and financial hit job,” he said.

He continues to indicate that he holds no ill will against his former employer, as he feels their hand was forced.

“There was no reason. They had a contractual clause that they could pay me a certain amount of money and not put me on air and they exercised that. There were a lot of other business things in play at that time... It was a business decision that they made,” O’Reilly noted. “After Roger Ailes went down there was a flood of lawsuits with dozens of people named and the company did what the company did. Every company in this country has these lawsuits - some of them are valid and some of them are not. They settle them for a number of reasons.”

As for whether he’ll consider taking things to court in a bid to clear his name, it certainly doesn’t sound like he’s considering that course of action.

“You can't win in those lawsuits. If you're a public figure, you can't win them. I could do that but the collateral damage of these lawsuits - the press frenzy, every allegation is a conviction,” he continued. “Those lawsuits involved many other people, not just me. I'm not going to speculate on intent or why people did what they did. But you don't have this story correct - the lawsuits involved many people. I was named in a few of them.”

O’Reilly has previously indicated that there’s a lot more to come on these allegations against him, but it’s unclear exactly when that will happen. He seems to be lamenting the fact that he didn’t fight back harder against them, but there’s also a school of thought that suggests he didn’t do that because he was guilty as sin. In any event, we’ll probably never know the entire story, but it doesn’t sound like O’Reilly is going to disappear from the public eye.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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