Bill Clinton Claims Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Know Much’

Former president Bill Clinton appears to be bitter after the grueling election lost by his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Mr. Clinton blames FBI Director James Comey and the Russians for his wife's loss. He also had some not very nice things to say about President Elect Donald Trump.

Clinton was interviewed by 'Bedford and Pound Ridge Record-Review,' where he lamented over his wife's bid for the White House. "I watched her work for two years, I watched her battle through that bogus email deal, be vindicated at the end when Secretary Powell came out -- she fought through that, she fought through everything," he said. "She prevailed against it all. But at the end, she had the Russians and the FBI deal. She couldn't prevail against that," he said.

According to Mr. Clinton, Russian hacking affected the election. "...You would have to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on," he said.

During the election, Trump suggested that Russians might be hacking, but Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration insisted it was impossible and dismissed the claim.

Ultimately, the former Commander-in-Chief said, "James Comey cost her the election."

Mrs. Clinton's lead on Trump was widening before the 11th-hour reopening of Clinton's email probe. Though the FBI closed the book on that investigation just before the election, exonerating Hillary Clinton from any illegal activity, the last-minute investigation damaged Clinton's campaign beyond compare.

Clinton says Trump won by stirring the pot. He claims Trump 'doesn't know much' but 'one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.'

Source: CNN
Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

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