Aunt Saves Her Nephew's Life After Noticing A 'Shadow' In His Photo

Tina Treadwell wanted to send pictures of her son to a modeling agency, but first she sent them to Aunt Geraldine. Rather than being excited, Geraldine was alarmed when she saw the photos.

According to Independent Journal Review, she saw a “shadow” in the child’s eye that reminded her of an article that she read saying that such a thing could be a sign of eye cancer. Treadwell took Aunt Geraldine’s warning to heart and had her son’s eyes checked.

That’s when she found out that her son had a rare childhood eye cancer called Retinoblastoma.

“[The doctor] asked me to bring in some photos, so I flicked through all the ones I’d taken since Taylor was born,” Treadwell said. “The glow was there, in his right eye. Even in one where he was just four days old. I’d spotted it before, but assumed it was the camera flash.I wondered if he always had cancer.”

Turns out, her son Taylor got to be a model anyway. The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) heard about Taylor's story and wanted to use him as one of their campaign models.

“We leapt at the chance to get involved,” Treadwell said. “At the studio Taylor was in his element. The photographer said he was a natural.”

Source: IJ Review
Photo: PA Real Life via Independent Journal Review

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