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Arizona Man Stabs Wife After She Refuses To Accept The Punishment He Imposed

Marital strife can happen to even the best of couples, and it can be pretty challenging to find some common ground as issues are sorted through. According to the Daily Mail, this Arizona man has his own way of working through things, and his wife’s lucky to be alive.

Juan Vargas Rodriguez, a 53-year-old man with an interesting appearance that includes a pair of bumps intended to represent horns, became suspicious that his wife was being unfaithful. Unable to come to terms with his feelings, Rodriguez became physical with his wife.

The police report reads in part that he “grabbed her by the throat and pushed her across the room.”

He demanded that his wife sleep in the closet for the suspected infidelity, but the woman refused. Rodriguez saw things differently than his wife, and wielded a large knife that he swung at her, cutting her in the arm and chest.

His adult daughter was able to put a stop to the attack, and the wife was able to exit the premises and contact the authorities. In meeting with detectives, the horned man told them in part that he “kind of blacked out with rage,” and was having a little trouble piecing the details together.