Amish Parents Who Gave Daughters To 52-Year-Old Man As Gifts Learn Their Fate

A 52-year-old man in Pennsylvania was found to have a dozen girls living in his home, and nine of them were daughters that came from the same family. Six of the girls had the same parents, an Amish couple who left the Amish community. They'd given their daughters to the man because he helped the family out financially. The parents have each been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus were convicted of child endangerment after it came out that they gave their daughters away. The two felt indebted to 52-year-old Lee Donald Kaplan because when they broke with their Amish community, he helped them out. The girls all testified in court, believing themselves to be Kaplan's wives. Kaplan seems to be a cult-like figure manipulating the family.

The first girl given to Kaplan was the Stoltzfus's eldest daughter. She was 14 years old at the time. By the time she was eighteen, she'd given birth to two of Kaplan's children, and five of her younger siblings followed her. Three other girls from unknown families were also found living in the home.

The victims, when found, ranged in ages 9 through 19. The abuse had been going on for years. One girl said she was given to Kaplan to be wed and have sex with him at the age of seven.

Neighbors say Mr. and Mrs. Stoltzfus were caring, hard-working people who suffered a series of tragedies. They lost their son in a farming accident in 2001, lost their ties to the Amish community after that, and their Amish bank business loan was then revoked. It left the family destitute and vulnerable. Kaplan was easily able to manipulate the family. He reportedly had the influence of a cult leader over them.

On the stand, one of the children asked the judge to have mercy on the parents, noting that the children still loved their mother and father.

The judge was less sympathetic, accusing the parents of turning their daughters into 'sex slaves'. "You continued letting your children crawl into the bed of that man when you knew what was going on," he told Savilla.

The 43-year-old mother said that she knew Kaplan was having sex with her children, but that she thought it was a good thing. She tells the judge that at the time Kaplan came into their lives, she felt 'very very lost'. "Forgive me for the fact that I put my children at risk," she told the judge.

The 44-year-old father expressed remorse for his actions. "I regret having to put my children through what they've been through this past year and wish to reunite with my children," he said.

Kaplan was convicted on 17 counts including rape of a child, statutory sexual assault and other offenses. He awaits sentencing, but some of his convictions each carry up to 20 years in prison. His lawyer has filed an appeal.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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