American University Law Professors Say 'All Lives Matter' Is Used To Silence 'Black Lives Matter'

An increasing number of faculty and law professors at American University's Washington College of Law are condemning the phrase "All Lives Matter." They claim it is an "act of intolerance."

The claim was made after an anonymous person placed a handwritten note on a faculty member's door that said "All Lives Matter." The academics claim it's an "act of intolerance" because it refers to "all lives" instead of "black lives."

In a letter from several Washington College of Law faculty and staff members, they write "The ‘All Lives Matter’ sign might seem to be a benign message with no ill intent, but it has become a rallying cry for many who espouse ideas of white supremacy and overt racism.'"

Dean Claudio Grossman also wrote a letter to the law school community apologizing by saying, "Although the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’ may sound benign, it sometimes has been used as a rallying cry by some groups who oppose the Black Lives Matter Movement and seek to silence it." Yet, University of San Diego professor of law Gail Heriot and Peter Kirsanow, both members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, responded by saying:

"The response of American University faculty and staff was nothing short of Orwellian. This makes American University look foolish.

Even sillier, the letter calls this obviously true statement — that the lives of all members of the human species are valuable — "a rallying cry for many who espouse ideas of white supremacy."

While we know that President Obama has stated that "all lives matter," we are not personally aware of any cases in which white supremacists (a rare species these days) have made that statement.

Equating a student making a legitimate and utterly unobjectionable point with a white supremacist is nonsensical."

Last week, members of the Black Law Students Association hosted an event called, "WCL Community Town Hall Meeting addressing ‘All Lives Matter.'"

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University openly takes offense to 'all lives matter.'

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