Airplane Forced To Land After Passenger Does The Unthinkable

One flight was cut short after a passenger got way out of hand.

A man from New Jersey who got drunk and violent on a flight from Hawaii caused so many problems that the pilot turned the plane around. The man was arrested and sentenced to three years’ probation for the incident, but the biggest punishment of all is that the judge ordered him to pay $97,817 for expenses the airline incurred due to the man's disruption.

James August had reportedly been drinking before the Hawaiian Airlines Flight 50 from Honolulu boarded. The plane took off for the 12-hour trip, only to turn around because of August's boisterous, drunken behavior.

A few hours into the flight, August, who was traveling with his girlfriend and her three children, started behaving in a threatening manner. One of the children, an 11-year-old, began crying and started pleading with a flight attendant to ‘please keep him away from us.'

His girlfriend's 16-year-old son told the flight attendant that August had begun insulting the children and called him a derogatory word. He also said that his mother's boyfriend made some comments that were life-threatening.

The flight attendant attempted to get August to follow her to another part of the plane. In response, the belligerent man lashed out at her and hit her hard on the shoulder. According to some reports, he punched the flight attendant’s shoulder. According to other reports, he slapped her on the back of the shoulder. By all reports, he hit her hard and in a threatening manner.

August at that time began yelling, swearing and threatening violence, according to FBI reports. The children he was flying with, as well as other passengers, began to get very frightened and did not want to be seated near the boisterous drunk.

August refused to return to his seat or go to any other seat, however. As his behavior became more and more threatening, other people on the flight jumped in to assist the flight attendants. Other male passengers became concerned that August's behavior was getting out of control. They stepped in to help restrain the troublemaker.

For the safety of the other passengers, only a couple of hours into the 12-hour flight, the pilot turned the plane around and headed back to Honolulu. A second replacement flight was prepared and passengers were delayed.

In February, August pleaded guilty to interfering with a flight crew and flight attendants. Because of his behavior, the airline incurred costs for additional fuel, maintenance, ground crew work, a replacement flight crew, landing fees, and fees to re-cater the flight.

In June, August was sentenced to three years’ probation for his violence. Now, the judge ordered August to reimburse the airline for all the expenses, which amount to a whopping $98,000.

August refuses to comment, and says that he doesn't even remember the flight.

The airline feels vindicated. The money that August will have to reimburse them doesn't even include $46,900 in meal vouchers that the airlines passed out to passengers due to the delays.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, Deanpictures

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