Airline Passengers Were Dumbfounded When Woman Tried to Use Overhead Vent to Dry her Panties

Traveling can leave anyone feeling run down and in need of a little freshening up. After packing, lugging bags, wandering through airports and fighting the crowds, it should come as no surprise that someone might wish they could get a moment to wash up a bit.

Some travelers are in such a hurry that they may not get a chance to properly wash and change before a flight.

Most of the time, travelers will do the best they can in the given situation. They grab a pre-moistened towelette to wipe themselves down.

They use some hand sanitizer. They squeeze into the tiny bathroom, give themselves a quick wipe down or a spritz of deodorant to get them through the flight.

One woman took the matter a bit far when she decided that her flight was the perfect time to do a little laundry. She was spotted by her fellow passengers trying to dry her white cotton underwear on the overhead vent.

The woman was flying Ural Airlines, taking a plane from Antalya, Turkey to Moscow, Russia. Mid-flight, she produced a pair of wet panties and held them up to the vent to dry them.

Her shocked fellow passengers watched with interest and confusion, but one passenger told The Sun that no one said a word to her.

“Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent,” the passenger said.

Perhaps they were too startled or embarrassed about the situation.

The woman, however, did not appear to be embarrassed at all. She continued drying her panties for about 20 minutes, not paying any attention to the stares or confused expressions on the people around her.

She didn't try to hide what she was doing at all, or disguise the fact that the object she was waving around over her head under the air blower were underwear.

Apparently, the flight crew was either unaware of what she was doing, or they, too, chose to ignore her.

Someone a few rows behind the woman filmed some of her antics and later posted the video online. A lot of viewers speculated about what she was doing, how the panties got wet in the first place, and whether they were her own underwear or not.

"Maybe the takeoff was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those," said one person, joking about the incident.

“This woman has the intellect of a dog... This is so sad... Half the country are like her," said one person who was completely disgusted with the woman’s actions.

Another person believed that the underwear may have belonged to a child. "Those aren’t ones of an adult. Looks like they belong to a kid," the person said.

It's unclear if the woman was traveling with a child. If she was, it might explain the situation—the child had an accident, and the woman may have washed the panties quickly in the sink and was trying to dry them again for the kid. If the woman was traveling alone, then it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which she would be brandishing wet children’s underwear without it being very creepy.

Source: Fox News
Photos: CEN via The Sun, Gennady Misko/Wikimedia

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