After Thieves Drive Off With Her Home, Widow Finds Herself Homeless

Sonia McColl was looking forward to moving into her new home in time for the holidays. That’s not going to happen, and she’s now coming to terms with the fact that she’s homeless.

McColl had purchased a brand new mobile home, but some thieves up and drove off with it. She also happens to be the founder of the Park Home Owners Justice Campaign, and she thinks the theft may have something to do with her campaigning behind the scenes.

In any event, she’s having a tough time wrapping her head around things.

As The Sun shares, the 70-year-old widowed grandmother from Devon, England is at a loss, and she’s not sure what her next steps will be.

“I’m devastated and shocked, I still am, I’m numb. They’ve taken everything I’ve got. I can’t point the finger. I’m staying with some friends at the moment; I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said. “If I was told I had to move out of here tomorrow, I would have to throw myself at the feet of the council.”

She offered up some details about her past campaign efforts, and she can’t shake the nagging feeling that it may be somehow be connected to the unusual theft.

“I ran a campaign that changed the law so that could not happen anymore. And I’m currently doing one that is trying to stop them taking 10 percent commission when people sell their homes. Consequently, I did have death threats, I used to live in a park home in Dorset, and after losing my husband and dog, I received a number of death threats telling me to abandon what I was doing,” she continued. “My family convinced me to sell my home and move elsewhere, so I put my home up for sale, sold it, and moved to another location just as the campaign was taking off. I moved to Devon.”

The wheels were completely in motion for her to settle into her new digs, but a gigantic wrench was thrown into things. Police have been unsuccessful in getting to the bottom of what happened, and McColl still can’t wrap her head around how a mobile home can just be hauled away without a trace.

“I had arranged for everything to be done to be put into a new home. The haulage company said they couldn’t deliver it because the driveway wasn’t quite what they wanted it to be,” she said. “I managed to find another haulage company in two weeks to have it delivered, but before they were going to pick it up on Saturday, my home disappeared.”

She was really looking forward to spending her first Christmas in her new home, but she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what she’s going to do now.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do to be honest. I’m numb actually, I’m not functioning properly, I can’t cry. I think I’m still in shock about the whole thing,” she added. “You can’t just lose a home.”

Source: The Sun, Oddity Central
Photos: News Group Newspapers LTD, Devon and Cornwall Police,, Sonia McColl/Facebook

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