Afraid Of Facing Victim's Friends In Court, EMT Killer Has This Cowardly Request

The man accused of crushing an FDNY EMT under her own ambulance ​w​ould not leave ​his holding cell for ​a court appearance earlier this week, ​as dozens of his victims family, friends and colleagues ​were waiting to confront him.

Over 100 EMTs filled the benches and courtroom​​ hallways ​to rep 14-year-veteran Yadira Arroyo​ (a mother-of-five​)​. However, Jose Gonzalez’​s​ defense attorney Alice Fontier stood in court without him, waiving her client’s appearance because​​ he was “too mentally unstable” to show up in court.

Gonzalez’ defense attorney explained to Criminal Court Justice Linda Poust-Lopez that an officer had entered the ​holding ​pens with her client and “videotaped the interaction.”

Poust-Lopez noted the Fontier’s claims about Gonzalez will be investigated.

Of note, Fontier decided to not enter a plea on behalf of the 25-year-old on the first degree murder charge.

It should be noted that Gonzalez’s family did not appear in court, nor were any of Arroyo’s five children present. Arroyo’s EMT ​partner Monique Williams was there, but was so overcome with emotion she was not able to testify.

After the hearing, a crowd of close to 200 people, including fellow medics and many others who know her, chanted Arroyo’s name in support.

Some in the unhappy crowd expressed their feelings about Gonzalez, saying he was a no good “piece of s–t” and a “murderer.”

“We will be at every court appearance, we will be pursuing justice and we will not accept anything but justice,” ​EMT union leader Israel Miranda promised in an interview with NYC media. “I spoke to Monique … they were more like sisters. They went to each other’s baptisms, barbecues and everything else. This is very difficult for her to be here today, she is here to show support.”

He went on to say that everyone knew Arroyo as the “matron of their station,” and continued on a personal note​,​ “I’ll miss her laugh.”

Source: New York Post
Photo: New York Post

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