Adorable Little Boy Finds Perfect Use For The $5 His Mom Gave Him To Buy Himself A Treat

It’s not easy being a parent. There’s a ton of bad influences that can impact your little ones around every corner, and that only gets worse the older that they get.

In addition, there are many different schools of thought on the right and wrong ways to raise young men and women into fine adults, and that can leave you scratching your head about whether or not you’re making the best decisions.

Raising a child can be confusing and scary, but it can also be more rewarding than anything else you can accomplish in your life. If you stick to your guns, listen to your heart, follow your best instincts, and approach it with the end goal of raising someone that you will be unbelievably proud of, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results you will see down the road. It sounds like this mom is on the right track.

As A Plus shares, Summer Aldridge has shared an adorable story about her little man Dawson. She rewarded him for being so well-behaved with $5 to buy whatever he wanted. Dawson was about to buy some things that he wanted, but he came up with a different idea when he saw a group of firefighters.

"After getting his stuff, I saw him look back. Dawson put back his treats and brought me an entire little box of Tic Tacs and said, 'Can we give these to those guys?'" she wrote. "He used his own $5 to buy them candy, and handed it to them. They were so nice — just hugging him and asking him what he wants for Christmas. He said, 'I wanna be a firefighter for Christmas!' They all laughed and said, 'We have room for you buddy; we can give you an application now!' I am so proud to be his momma."

Aldridge’s adorable story has been melting hearts all over the place, and other users have chimed in to let her know that she’s obviously on the right track.

"This just melts my heart! Your son is obviously living by example, meaning his upbringing is on the right path,” shared one user. “Our first responders don't get enough credit, but your son did something so special and that made them have happy hearts."

"This is how we change the world. One momma who teaches lessons of kindness at a time," added another commenter.

Aldridge sincerely appreciates the kudos, and she’s determined to keep her nose to the grindstone and raise her little man the right way.

"His daddy and I are trying so hard to raise him and his little sister right! I don't want to raise them to handle a cruel and heartless world, I want them to make the world less cruel and heartless,” she added. “Not for anything other than to show his kindness all over the world. The world needs more of this!!"

That’s a sentiment that a whole lot of folks can get on board with, and we can only hope that her message spreads like wildfire. Raising good kids starts with teaching them to be good people, and Aldridge is doing what she can to make that happen. The smart money says she’s going to be real pleased with the results as Dawson grows up into a fine young man.

Source: A Plus
Photo: Love What Matters/Facebook

Dawson's sweet gesture is going viral.

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