Actor Rob Lowe Finds An Awesome Way To Thank Firefighters Battling California Wildfires

Over the past couple of weeks, firefighters in the state of California have had their hands full with some absolutely massive wildfires. The fires have affected more than 100,000 residents, and scores of them have been forced to flee their homes for safety. There have been a ton of gripping images and videos that really drive home the point of what they are dealing with, as many residents have returned to find nothing but charred remains behind.

In addition to the toll that the fires have taken on residents, firefighters in California are faced with battling what has essentially been an untenable situation. These public servants are working around the clock under awful conditions, and they are truly doing the best that they can against what seems to be an unstoppable foe. The wildfires have broken out in a number of different spots, but the Thomas Fire is the largest of them all.

The massive blaze has torched around 270,000 acres of land already. For some perspective, that’s an area larger than New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco combined. In historical terms, the fire is the third-largest in the state since reliable record-keeping began in 1932. Among the many that have been affected is actor Rob Lowe, whose home in Santa Barbara has been threatened.

"Praying for my town. Fires closing in. Firefighters making brave stands. Could go either way. Packing to evacuate now," he shared on social media.

Lowe has shared a number of gripping photos of the massive blazes, but it appears that his home has been spared for the time being. While the actor is certainly grateful for his good fortune, he knows that wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the firefighters that are working round the clock to get things under control. As CNN shares, he found an extra special way to say thanks to them for all that they have done.

"Dinner for new friends at our house," he shared.

Lowe would share some snaps of him surrounded by his new pals as they got their eat on at his home. It’s an awesome gesture for Lowe, and we would imagine it meant a ton to the brave folks that are doing whatever they can to save the surrounding community from peril. As the fires have raged on, Lowe has even pitched in to help where he can.

"Helping earlier today. You do what you can, but when it's time.. you GO," he shared in one post, which included a snap of him manning the hose.

"Thank you to all the crews from all over the country who stood tall and saved my town. #respect #gratitude," he shared in another snap, which featured another group shot of him and the firefighters.

When disaster strikes, it’s important for folks in the affected areas to pull together and help each other through things. We’ve seen that play out a number of times this year already, and the end result has been some of the more heartwarming scenes of the entire year. Lowe’s extra efforts to say thanks deserves a spot on that list as well, and we hope that more residents in the area are following his lead and doing what they can to say thanks to those that are going the extra mile for them.

Source: CNN
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Rob Lowe

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