World War II Veteran Dies While Nursing Home Staff Joke And Laugh

Recently released camera footage has shown the horrifying moment a World War II veteran was left uncared for as he struggled to breathe and died in pain. The patient in question, 89-year-old James Dempsey, was being cared for at Northeast Atlanta and Rehabilitation Nursing Home, Georgia, when he became short of breath and called for help from nearby nurses.

When nursing staff finally responded, they found the elderly veteran unresponsive and near death. Despite the critical situation, it took more than an hour for nurses to call 911 and request help.

During an internal investigation, the nurse on duty, Wanda Nuckles, told a supervising panel that she had rushed to Mr. Dempsey’s bed when he cried. In her testimony, Wanda then said that she had monitored the unresponsive patient, immediately calling 911 and giving Dempsey heart compressions until paramedics arrived at the scene.

However, hidden, and now public, camera footage shows an entirely different situation. This video clip shows the nurses meandering through Dempsey’s room, pausing and chuckling while they intermittently perform heart compressions on the unresponsive patient. When another nurse has trouble restarting the 89-year-old veteran’s oxygen machine, nurse Nuckles can be heard laughing at her colleague’s trouble.

Now, Dempsey’s family is fighting back against the rehabilitation center staff members. After watching the confronting video clip, the family attorney, Mike Preito, slammed Ms. Nuckles, asking her what she found so funny. “I can’t even remember all that, as you can see,” replied the nurse.

Unsurprisingly, Ms. Nuckles – who had no idea she was being filmed – described her neglectful actions as a silly mistake. “Sir, that was an honest mistake,” Nuckles told the attorney. “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.” Since the death of the elderly veteran, Nuckles and her colleague have been fired from the facility. Three years later, the pair were also stripped of their nursing licenses.

A nursing home spokesperson has talked to local and national media outlets about the incident, expressing his sadness about the veteran’s death and emphasizing that the facility’s “new leadership and the leadership team and the staff have worked very diligently to improve quality care and the quality of life for our residents.”

This isn’t the first time that the Georgia nursing home has been criticized for the performance of its staff and quality of patient care. In fact, since it began operation, the senior care home has received over 20 safety violations, racking up more than $800,000 in fines.

Online commenters have slammed the actions of nursing staff, calling for criminal charges to be made against the facility and staff members. “As a nurse I am appalled every time I hear stories like this. These people deserve prison time,” wrote KatherineF on Yahoo.

Another Yahoo user, James, agreed, emphasizing that a veteran deserved better: “No way to treat someone’s Father, brother, grandfather etc. Shameful way to treat a man who served his country. Or for that matter shameful to treat anyone this way.”

Source: Yahoo, Yahoo
Photo: YouTube

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