The Juice Was Allegedly Booted From A Vegas Bar For Being Belligerent

Some folks just never learn life’s little lessons. While there’s evidence of that phenomenon all the time, it doesn’t make it any less head scratching when we come across instances that demonstrate that fact.

It’s especially curious when the person that hasn’t learned those lessons has been given chance after chance to place things in perspective. Such is the case with one O.J. Simpson, as reports indicate that he’s been a bad boy in Las Vegas.

As the Inquisitr shares, Simpson was reportedly booted from a Las Vegas bar for acting belligerent. Allow that to sink in for a moment.

A high-profile famous face that has just been released from prison on parole actually placed themselves in a situation in which they had to be asked to leave a public place because he wasn’t acting right. We would imagine that this report is giving parole officers in the state of Nevada a bit of pause, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

In any event, reports indicate that the 70-year-old man known as The Juice was in the Clique Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It’s alleged that he was drunk and acting aggressively towards the staff, and that glasses on the bar were broken as a result of his actions.

Security was called, and he was escorted off the premises. He was said to be quite gracious to the guards while leaving without incident.

Simpson wasn’t arrested and the cops weren’t called, but rumors are flying that he’ll be banned from the hotel as a result of the incident. Reaction quickly flowed in on social media. Much of it was not kind towards Simpson.

“Block him from all spots in Vegas, he’s not wanted here,” shared one user.

“Will he ever learn his lesson?” added another commenter.

There has been no response from the Simpson camp as of yet on the reports, and we’ll have to see if any more details emerge.

Was he really acting like a drunken fool in public? Is this all a gigantic misunderstanding? Does this serve as evidence that he had no business being let out on parole? Could he be heading back to jail as a result of what happened?

All of those questions are unanswered for the time being, but at a minimum, there’s a gigantic red flag for Simpson to spend a ton of time digesting. When you’re a high-profile figure that has an air of controversy swirling around you, it’s not a good idea to be going out in public and causing a disturbance. That story will blow up immediately in today’s day and age, and there will be no brushing it aside.

Many folks that witness such things will be quick to hop on social media and spill their guts about the amazing thing they just saw, and things such as that can go viral in a hurry. When Simpson was in front of the parole board, he was pretty insistent that he wanted a drama-free life from here on out. He’s not going to have that if he insists on spending his time in Vegas bars.

Source: Inquisitr, New York Post
Photo: YouTube

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