Two Men High Five After Murdering Elderly Marine Veteran And Cancer Sufferer

Two men from Wisconsin allegedly celebrated with a high-five after murdering an elderly marine veteran. According to local media, the veteran, 76-year-old Kenneth Latus, was suffering from lung cancer at the time of the home invasion.

The two men were camped out at a homeless sanctuary close to the veteran’s unit in Greendale Home. At this stage, police believe that the two men invaded the home in order to steal cash.

Calvin Roderick Fleener, 42, and James N. Johansen, 22, have been charged with the death of a 76-year-old marine veteran after they smothered him with a pillow during a home invasion.

Police have confirmed that Mr. Fleener made contact with Mr. Latus after he visited the elderly man’s home with another woman to collect a wrongly delivered package.

The following day, Mr. Fleener, accompanied by Mr. Johansen, returned to the residence, where they forced their way into the home.

Mr. Fleener and Mr. Johansen allegedly told the elderly man that they needed to use his phone.

After he refused, they forced their way into the home, before tying Mr. Latus up with a phone cord, beating him at least 4-7 times and then smothering him with a pillow, with Mr. Fleener stating that “[he has] got to make sure [Mr. Latus] doesn’t call the cops.”

The two men took $160 from the veteran’s wallet before leaving him to die smothered in a blanket.

Police have confirmed that both suspects were later seen on surveillance footage boarding a bus, before high-fiving each other and laughing; “We did good, bro,” Mr. Fleener allegedly stated.

Both men were taken into custody at Milwaukee County Jail, where Mr. Johansen was held on a bail of $250,000. Mr. Fleener was held with no bail set.

Mr. Fleener was charged with first-degree reckless homicide, robbery, burglary and battery, while his accomplish faces robbery charges and charges of felony murder. Mr. Johansen has told police that “he did not know what they were going to do,” until they arrived at the door.

Mr. Johansen alleged that he simply followed Mr. Fleener because he promised he could earn some money. Mr. Latus’ death was later called in by his son and frantic daughter in law, who discovered his body after he failed to answer his phone all afternoon. The woman found Mr. Latus bound by his hands and ankles, beaten and smothered in the spare room of his home.

It is believed that Mr. Latus was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and had just begun home hospice the Friday before his murder. To make matters worse, Mr. Latus also lost his wife of 55-years earlier this year.

According to Mr. Latus’ obituary, the Marine veteran had been working at Wisconsin Motor for much of his adult life, spending 30 years as a mechanic at the local mechanic shop. Mr. Latus’ family described the elderly gentleman as “the nicest, kindest person you could ever meet. He was a wonderful husband, father and friend.”

Source: New York Post, Journal Sentinel
Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Kenneth Latus

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