Just What's Under That Cute Little 'Hamburger Helper' Glove? You May Not Want To Know

In the information age, no question is too small to go viral. Even curiosities you may have taken for granted all of your life and ignored have become a hot topic of conversation on social media somewhere, and people have sweated night and day in discussions and debates. One of those intense conversations recently happened on Twitter, revolving around the Hamburger Helper mascot.

Someone on Twitter was watching a Hamburger Helper commercial, and the viewer began to wonder about cute little Helping Hand, otherwise known by his nickname, 'Lefty'. The Twitter user began to wonder just what was under Lefty's glove.

Michael SCAREa is the Twitter user who first posed the question of what Lefty's anatomy might possibly look like. He posted a little sketch of the red-nosed, smiling glove along-side a sketch of an X-ray version. In the X-ray version, there is a skull in the palm of the hand and four bones that go up in each of Lefty's fingers.

"someone who is good at science please help which is the correct anatomy of hamburger helper," he wrote in a plea.

Twitter users were happy to oblige. One suggested a similar model with the skull being in the center of the palm, four bones growing out of the top of the skull's head, and two feet growing out from underneath the skull.

"I can see why you'd think it was one of those, but as an actual skeletologist I can confirm it's actually this," said Twitter user Sinderula. This person proposed it was, in fact, a tiny monster skeleton with short legs and four tentacles lurking under the glove.

Some suggested an evil, deformed clown was under the glove, given Lefty's general goofy voice and red, clown-like nose. That one might give you nightmares.

"well that's enough internet for today," said one woman in on the conversation.

Several other Twitter users proposed skeletal models, but some went beyond that and came up with even more creative answers.

"It's obvious there's an Olympic high diver in there, doing some sorta reverse cowgirl triple-lutz backflip," suggested Eli Leigh Innis. Eli included an image of an upside-down diver with limbs reaching into each 'finger' of Lefty's glove. Many were skeptical, however.

The most shocking answer of all came from the verified Twitter handle 'Helper'. Yes, that's right - the official Hamburger Helper Twitter account from General Mills got involved to clear up the speculation.

“If I must,” Lefty, or Lefty’s spokesperson, said in the caption of the photo. The reveal was shocking.

Apparently, under that white glove covering, there is a four-armed skeleton, holding its hands up, kneeling. Not only did it explain how each individual finger is able to move independently, but it also explained why the famous mascot has only four fingers.

Twitter users are never satisfied, though. The topic of conversation then focused on how the handy glove could speak without the fabric puckering. Someone is consulting NASA and will be getting back to us.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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