Doctors Thought Mom Miscarried, Then Miracle Baby Was Born

A young mother in the U.K began experiencing stomach and back pains, so she headed to a doctor to see what the problem could be. She was told that she had gas and sent home, but the mother said the pain did not go away.

Eventually, doctors confirmed she was pregnant, but told her she lost the baby. She had a feeling they were wrong - and it's a good thing she didn't listen to them.

Holly Lewis was a 21-year-old single mom of one, but some nasty pains that wouldn't go away reminded her of her pregnancy with her first child. Doctors kept telling her it was gas, but she ignored them and went to the Birmingham Women’s Hospital and asked for a pregnancy test.

Doctors told Holly that she was right. She had been pregnant, they said, but she miscarried the baby. They told her she had only been in the early stages of pregnancy and that it was just one of those things.

Holly went home that day but something didn't sit right with her. “I already have another little girl, and my earlier pregnancy meant I had an instinct I was still carrying Lacey,” she said.

The young mother went back to the same medical office a week later. She had taken a pregnancy test and it was still coming up positive.

Once again, the healthcare providers agreed that she had been pregnant. But once again, they told her she miscarried. This time they told her it was an ectopic pregnancy.

Holly got tired of listening to the doctors at that clinic and decided they didn't know what she was talking about. She went home deciding to trust her gut instinct. She knew she was pregnant.

Once again Holly found herself at a hospital, and this time she was in labor. She gave birth to Lacey, a very healthy, and alive, baby girl.

“It is not always possible to detect a pregnancy on scanning in the very early stages, and so we cannot rely on this as a definite diagnosis,” the hospital said.

Holly is just thrilled to have her healthy little girl and is now a mother of two. She's glad she listened to her instincts instead of the doctors.

It isn't unusual for doctors, or mothers, to miss the fact that a baby is on the way. There have been cases of women who went through an entire nine months of pregnancy without the baby being detected, and they were none the wiser about their condition until they gave birth in the bathroom one day.

It is unusual, however, for doctors to dash the hopes of an expectant mother by telling her not once, but twice, that she had miscarried. Holly can't believe that after the first mistake they weren't more thorough in checking her and her baby.

Thankfully she didn't end up having any complications and the baby was born healthy, but that was a devastating thing to hear - especially when it wasn’t true.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Caters TV

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