Little Girl's Horrific Experience At The Dentist Lands Her In The Hospital

Visiting the dentist is not a favored task for many people, and even those that drag themselves there without issue tend to grin and bear it till it’s over with. In most cases, the fear and dread turns out to be unfounded.

The visit goes off without a hitch, and you exit the office wondering why you got yourself so worked up in the first place. Of course, there’s always the opposite end of the spectrum in which you walk away convinced that dental services really aren’t all that necessary.

As the Daily Mail shares, a mother and her six-year-old daughter from China had to deal with one of those frightening visits, and the girl wound up in the emergency room as a result. That wasn’t because the dentist inflicted a major amount of pain or made a serious error, but because something that had turned up missing during the visit wound up being found later.

That something was a 1.2-inch-long medical needle that the girl accidentally swallowed.

As the mother, identified only as Ms. Hu, explains, she had brought her daughter to the Wenzhou Dental Hospital for root canal therapy. The procedure was only supposed to take about 30 minutes, but the dentist grabbed her after only about 20 minutes had passed.

“The dentist told me there was one needle missing from his tray and it could have been in my daughter's belly,” Ms. Hu said.

Mom wasn’t taking any chances, and she took her daughter to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College. Once they got there, an x-ray confirmed that the needle had become lodged in the girl’s stomach.

Since the girl had recently eaten, doctors were limited in what they could do. The girl was kept for observation. The next day, an x-ray revealed that the needle had moved into the girl’s intestines.

Finally, on day three, the magic of nature would produce the needle. The girl was, fortunately, able to avoid surgery after passing the needle naturally, but Ms. Hu is still pretty ticked off. She’s demanding the dental hospital pay her 40,000 yuan and issue a public apology. Negotiations are said to be ongoing.

“The needle, called H files, is used to clean and shape the root canal during the endodontic therapy,” explained the dentist, who goes by the surname Jin. “She was feeling nauseous during the treatment and her tongue blocked the file. When I tried to take it out, she gulped [it] down.”

Accidents happen, but this one opens up a ton of questions. Was the needle not secured properly? Has Jin ever had this problem before with other patients? What kind of surgery was the girl looking at in a worst case scenario?

Thankfully, the latter one is off the table, but we can understand why Ms. Hu is so upset. That little needle could’ve led to far greater problems, and she and her daughter should consider themselves fortunate that this scary situation didn’t turn out much worse.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: People's Daily, PxHere, Zhejiang TV via Daily Mail

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