Arnold Explains How He Beat Out OJ For Lead Role As 'Terminator'

Our images of ‘The Terminator’ could’ve been vastly different. That’s one of the more fascinating takeaways from a recent chat that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had on the Fox News Channel show ‘Objectified.’ As the Daily Mail shares, Schwarzenegger reveals that he beat out O.J. Simpson for the iconic part.

While Simpson is now most famous for the so-called Trial of the Century, which revolved around the brutal murder of his ex-wife and her acquaintance, he actually had some acting chops back in the day and was a marketable star.

As Schwarzenegger explains it, director Jim Cameron actually wanted Simpson to play the part of Terminator in the classic film. Schwarzenegger didn’t see it, and Cameron obviously came around and cast the former bodybuilder in the role that helped launch his acting career into the stratosphere.

“He did not look as much of a killer and all that stuff. I don’t know, I mean it just felt like I was more believable in being the machine,” Schwarzenegger said.

It’s a good thing Cameron made the call, as his franchise would’ve been dead in the water in the wake of Simpson being embroiled in scandal. While it still would’ve been a subject of fascination for curiosity seekers, the film and its sequels would’ve immediately had a stigma attached.

While Simpson was never criminally convicted for the murders, he was found liable in a subsequent civil trial. He became a pariah in entertainment circles in the wake of his arrest, and there are many folks that believe he is, in fact, guilty of the heinous crime.

That little tidbit wasn’t the only fascinating part of Schwarzenegger’s chat, as he took some time to address his split from wife Maria Shriver some six years ago. While Shriver filed for divorce after it was revealed that her husband had an affair with the couple’s long-time maid and fathered a child with her, the pair remains close.

In fact, the divorce has never been finalized. Hindsight is always 20/20, but Schwarzenegger doesn’t need to look backwards to come to terms with the simple facts in regards to his split from Shriver.

“I do not need any time to reflect, when I know it was a major, major screw up,” he added.

The couple has been slowly making its way through the disposition of assets, and reports indicate that it’s close to being finalized once and for all. However, a report from TMZ indicates that it’s taken so long because Schwarzenegger is dragging his feet.

“Maria would like the divorce to become final, but Arnold is not taking the necessary steps to end the marriage,” a source claims.

The couple has four children together, and they remain involved in each other's lives. However, there are no signs that the pair may reconcile. Schwarzenegger has been with girlfriend Heather Mulligan for years, while Shriver has been on the dating circuit as well. It’s also said that he remains close with his son that he fathered with the maid, who was actually quite close with Shriver prior to the affair being revealed.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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