8-Year-Old Boy Rescued From His Abusive Father - Years Later, That Boy Becomes A Cop

An essay from an unknown source tells the tale of an 8-year-old boy, and just how lucky he was to have a man in his life when he was growing up. It wasn't the boy's father; it was the cop who rescued him from his father's abuse.

The 8-year-old boy lived in a terribly abusive situation. His drunken father would come home ranting and inevitably start beating his mother. The little boy would hide in the basement with his younger sister, cowering and praying for help.

Help came. At school, the teacher gave a lesson about 911. The next time his father's abuse got terrible, he dialed 911 and left the phone off the hook, then he stood in front of his mother to defend her. The father started beating both.

The call was traced and police were dispatched to check up on the domestic violence case. The father was arrested and left in a squad car; the boy and his mother were taken away by ambulance.

One officer came to visit the kids in the hospital, bringing treats and toys.

The father was jailed. The mother filed for divorce and started working. Life began to change and the boy was able to start enjoying his childhood again. And the whole time, the cop would come in and check up on him. The cop coached the kid's little league team. He would give the kid a talking to when his mother called to complain the boy was getting out of hand. When the young man graduated high school, the cop was there.

Years later, and the boy himself had a wife, children, a home of his own, and was still good friends with the cop. Now they worked together - the young boy became a police officer, too. He knew the one man who cared about him made a difference in his life, and it wasn't his father.

Source: Shareably
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