8-Year-Old Becomes Viral Sensation After Picking Up Tab And Leaving Adorable Note For Cop

An 8-year-old boy named Noah from Lakeland, Florida was simply making an incredible gesture, and he likely had no idea he would become a viral sensation as a result. That’s exactly what happened, as the story of his kind act caught on like wildfire. As AOL shares, the boy picked up the tab for a local police officer, and he left him an adorable note to boot.

The kind gesture took place at the local Denny’s, and the Lakeland Police Department shared the story on its social media page.

“THIS Made our Day! Let's see how far we can share Noah's GOOD DEED! At Denny's this morning, young Noah asked his mom if they could pay for an officer's breakfast. You see he had his own money that he recently received for his birthday. His only request was to write a note on the receipt for the officer,” the post read in part.

The department included Noah’s adorable little note, as well as a photo of the touched officer posing with the beaming boy.

“The note read: I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for your service,” the post continued.

The police department would get its wish, as this story has captured a ton of attention.

“Officer Benitez was so touched by the eight year-old's act that he had to get photo and personally thank him. Well Noah you touched all of our hearts today. Your support means so much to all of the men and women who put on the uniform everyday. We wish you the happiest of Birthdays! (Noah turns the BIG 9 this Saturday!) Thanks to mom Amanda for sharing the story,” the post concluded.

Sometimes the youngest among us can provide us with some much-needed lessons on ways to make others feel appreciated. That’s exactly what Noah has done here, and we hope he has an outstanding birthday.

Source: AOL
Photo: Facebook/ LakelandPD

Boy's act of kindness goes viral.

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