3-Month-Old Suddenly Dies - Now Her Parents Know Why

Gemma Williams has suffered through the heartbreak of losing an infant unexpectedly, and she feels that her daughter’s death was completely avoidable. As the Mirror explains, she’s taking up the fight for changes in infant testing.

Her three-month-old daughter unexpectedly passed away during a routine shopping trip due to a rare illness known as total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage, which is essentially a heart defect.

“I went to touch Lexi’s face but she didn’t react. Then I realised something wasn’t right and I shouted for help. Luckily there was someone in the shop who was medically trained and was trying to resuscitate her while we waited for an ambulance. I didn’t think it was real. Before I knew it my child was gone. The pain will never go – I have just learnt to cope with it,” she recalls.

Williams has learned that there’s actually a simple test that can detect the condition, and she’s started a petition to help push it towards becoming a standard test. The petition is entitled ‘Lexi’s Vital Test for Newborns,’ and it’s attracted more than one thousand signatures thus far.

“I really don’t want other families to experience the pain and heartache our family has been through. I have learnt that a simple test can be done on newborns that can check for heart defects. It is painless and only takes a few minutes. The pulse oximetry test checks the levels of oxygen in the baby’s blood. Low levels of oxygen can be a sign of a critical heart defect,” she wrote.

As far as Williams is concerned, it’s unfathomable that it hasn’t been implemented as of yet.

“It breaks my heart knowing that this very simple test could have saved Lexi’s life. Why is this not a standard test for all newborns? The machine used for this test is already in the hospitals so hospitals would not have to spend money on equipment, just the time of the person carrying out the test,” Williams says.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Wales Online

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