10-Year-Old Found Raped, Murdered - It Only Gets Worse

An autopsy of a murdered 10-year-old girl shows what a heartbreaking life the young girl had. Evidence of STDs, repeated rapes and alcohol use back up mother's most recent confession.

When Victoria Martens of New Mexico was first found dead a day after her 10th birthday, her mother Michelle Martens told police that her boyfriend's cousin, Jessica Kelley, locked the mom out of the house and killed the girl. She then changed her story and told police that Kelley left little Victoria with her cousin (Marten's boyfriend), Fabian Gonzales, and he gave her methamphetamine. Martens said Victoria overdosed on the drug.

Martens changed her story again, giving a more horrific account than before. She told police she frequently offered her daughter up to pedophiles online to have sex with the young girl. The mother said she enjoyed watching strange men have sex with her child.

Martens finally admitted that she watched as Kelly and Gonzalez got Victoria drunk, raped the little girl, murdered her and dismembered her. They then disposed of the body parts by rolling them in a blanket and setting them on fire. Some of the remains were found in a plastic bag in a hamper in the home.

Martens also admitted she had watched the pair rape Victoria on at least three other occasions before the child was killed.

According to the autopsy results, this last scenario is likely true. No meth was found in Victoria's body, but alcohol was. The autopsy also showed signs of prior sexual assault and STDs. The little girl had been stabbed and strangled to death before being dismembered and disposed of.

Doctors believe Victoria was sexually assaulted on a regular basis for months before her death. She said she didn't expect Victoria to be murdered this time. She told investigators she 'should have stopped it.’

Investigators found electronic devices in the home where Martens lived with her daughter, boyfriend and boyfriend's cousin. They believe the camcorders and other devices may have been used to sexually exploit children.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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