Which Bottled Water Is Best To Drink? The Results Will Surprise You

A mom uploaded a video for a project she and her son conducted on bottled water. According to the mom's findings, some bottled water may put you more at risk for cancer than others.

Holly and her son Carson dipped drug-store pH testing strips in a variety of different types of water. The brands they tested include: Voss, Aquafina, Smartwater, Evian, Fiji, Sam's Club, Dasani and Purelife. They also tested their own home well water filtered through a Brita filter.

According to the test strips, Evian, Fiji and the well water run through a Brita filter. Most of the waters they tested were acidic.

"As we know, acidity causes cancer," Holly said.

In truth, there is no credible scientific research that links acidity in water to cancer. While it's true that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, consuming acidic beverages or foods do not change the body's pH level. The body regulates its own pH level, and excess acid is expelled through urination.

If, however, you are worried about acidity in your diet putting you at risk for cancer, you have greater problems than bottled water. Foods high in protein (such as meats and dairy), high in carbohydrates (such as bread and pasta), or high in sugar (particularly sweetened beverages) are more likely to create an acidic environment in your body. Again, though, it will not last as the body will quickly self-regulate.

Source: Little Things
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