This Is One Of The World's Most Beautiful Trees- Can You Guess What Fruit Grows From It

There is nothing like the power of nature. It has the power to nourish and sustain us and even captivate us with its beauty and healing energy. While everyone would love to have a tree that feeds us fresh fruit in our own backyard, but we also love variety.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could plant just one tree that gives you all different types of fruits? Well, there is. And not only does it bear 40 different kinds of fruits, it’s also the most beautiful magical looking tree that you’ve ever seen in your life.

Sam Van Aken created a tree that looks like it is straight out of a storybook.

"I look at the Tree of 40 Fruit as an artwork, a research project and a form of conservation," Van Aken said in a 2014 TEDxManhattan talk, according to CNN.

Van Aken grew up on a farm in Reading, Pennsylvania where he learned how to combine plants through a process called grafting to make hybrids. That’s how he engineered The Tree of 40 fruits. The tree harvests nectarines, almonds, peaches, cherries, plums and many more. The tree will also be the most beautiful shades of red, pink, white and magenta when it fully blooms in spring.

Source: AWM

All from the same tree?!?!

Not sure if they are from the same branch though.

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