Sheriff Under Fire For Posting Easter Sunday Message On Facebook

Recent studies have shown an increasing rise against Christians in America. Recently, Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson posted an Easter Sunday image with a Bible verse and a picture of a cross that says "He Is Risen." Most people were happy with his post, but a few athiests immediately complained.

The post had prompted the American Atheists Legal Center to send Watson a letter, requesting for him to cease the promotion of Christianity in his official role as Sheriff in Bradley County, Tennessee.

Watson replied, "If you don’t like the Facebook page, you don’t have to punch it in and pull it up. You can go to someone else’s Facebook page. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I was a Christian before I was elected Sheriff, and I’ll be a Christian after I’m not Sheriff."

The AALC wrote in their letter, "We are hopeful that after this letter, the BCSO will see that its community includes many non-religious persons, too, and they deserve to be treated with equal respect, dignity, and recognition as Christians."

Watson then explaiend, "We love all people here in Bradley County. We love the non-believers as well as the believers, and they’re all treated the same. When you call 911, you’re not asked, are you a believer or not a believer? We respond in the same way to all people."

Cleveland attorney James Logan said, "Any public official can assert their religious views without fear of retribution. Public officials’ religious views are a matter which they can discuss."

Photo: Times Free Press, Patheos

Sheriff's Facebook post stirs controversy.

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