Men Who Assaulted 16-Year Old Girl, Tied Her Up, And Lit Her On Fire Just Learned Their Fate

A 16-year-old girl was brutally murdered by her own tribal elders who were carrying out a twisted form of justice. After the young girl helped a couple elope. When the couple was discovered missing, a gang of angry elders took it out on the child.

The unidentified girl from Pakistan was trying to help people from a nearby village who dreamed of running away to get married. The Donga Gali girl's role in the elopement was revealed, and her tribal elders were furious about her bold interference and rule breaking.

More than a dozen men from the tribe joined together and abducted the girl. They brought her to an abandoned area outside of the village and injected her with drugs to knock her out. They strangled the girl and tied her up in the van the couple used to escape. They then doused the girl in flammable liquids and set the van on fire.

The young teen, the daughter of a local laborer, perished in the blaze. Her charred remains were found the next day, and police found drugs in the abandoned house nearby. They also found the gasoline can that was used to start the fire.

"This is the first time an incident of this type has taken place," said an officer to DawnNews.

Approximately 13 men, members of the council and notable elders, were arrested for their role in the 'honor killing'. The teen’s mother was also arrested because she allegedly knew about the punishment and supported it. They’re being tried in an Anti-Terrorism court.

“The culprits must be brought to justice without any delay. Acceptance of such acts in society is unacceptable. (The) criminals should be prosecuted swiftly. It is not honor killing, it's just plain murder," said Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a statement.

The girl’s father is devastated over the loss of his daughter, but says his wife played no role in the girl’s death. "My wife is innocent, too. What is this barbarism? How could they do this to my innocent child? I don't know what to say."

Source: RT
Photo: RT

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