Man Attacked Repeatedly For What He Wears

A devout Jew in Newham was initially pleased by the growing Muslim population, thinking that diversity was a good thing. Unfortunately, the Muslims moving in didn't feel the same way.

Yisro’el Shalom, 52, has been attacked by Muslims more than 30 times over the last three years. The first attack occurred when he was wearing a yarmulke on his way to his synagogue for a Jewish holy day.

The attacks have continued. Shalom has reported that he's been spat at, verbally abused, threatened, punched, kicked and hit with things. His home was broken into, vandalized and Shalom has been forced to reinforce his home by adding a metal gate over his doors and iron bars on his windows. When he leaves the house now, he wears a stab-proof vest. He avoids leaving the house now other than for holy days of obligation, when he goes to the synagogue. He even orders his food online now.

“I’m supposed to be able to walk down any damn street that I want in this country but sadly that’s just not how it is,” said the widower and father. “When you see these things, we are at the beginning of what we said ‘never again’ to 70 years ago.”

Shalom used to be safe in his old neighborhood, but as the Muslim population has soared to 32 percent his feelings of security went down. He now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has moved from his old home to a safer neighborhood.

"Victims of hate crime must be assured that they will be taken seriously by the police," said a spokesperson for the police. "No one should suffer in silence, so please report hate crime to us as soon as possible so we can act.”
Unfortunately, their promises didn’t help Shalom.

Photo: Mirror, Metro

Shalom says he has been attacked more than 30 times.

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