Canadian Religious Freaks On Trial For Starving Diabetic Son To Death

What some people do in the name of “religion” absolutely boggles the mind. One case in point is that of 15-year-old Alexandru Radita, a diagnosed diabetic who was found dead at his home related to complications due to starvation.

The chronically abused young man was found dead by EMTs at his family home in Calgary, Alberta in May of 2013. 

Parents Charged with First Degree Murder

Alexandru’s parents Emil, 59, and Rodica, 53, Radita have been charged with first-degree murder, and are currently on trial in Alberta. 

The clearly mentally disturbed parents, who are devout churchgoers, apparently told family friends that their son had died, 'but then was brought back to life by God'.

Testimony in the trial so far includes the fact that the parents intentionally delayed over two hours before calling for an ambulance when they found their son with no pulse because they were praying for his resurrection. 

A forensic autopsy concluded that the teenager had died from complications related to starvation, and weighed a mere 37 pounds when he died.

In court, it also came to light that Albertan social services had Alexandru in custody for a year, but somehow he ended up back with his parents who refused to accept his diagnosis of diabetes, despite a number of hospitalizations over a two-year period.

Source: Mail Online

Photo: The Star, Calgary Herald

Parents negligence leads to son's death.

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