British Judge Bans Father From Teaching His Son About Christianity

In Muslim-majority countries, it is common for Sharia courts to give custody to a Muslim spouse in a divorce. They may even order non-Muslim parents from negatively influencing their children on Islam. Yet, this is now happening in England.

According to the Daily Mail, a British father has been court ordered to refrain from bringing his 9-year-old son to any Christian-affiliated events, simply because the boy’s devout Muslim mother argued that he would “become confused” if introduced to other religions.

The father developed a close connection to his local Christian community and wished to introduce his son to the children there.

The father said, “This judge is simply scared of being branded ‘Islamophobic.' I want my son to have a balanced life in which he is exposed to different faiths and can make up his own mind about which, if any, religion he follows. My son is being indoctrinated and the only way I can show him other things is to take him to other places. If I don’t show him other types of life, he will become just like a dumb sheep. I want him to see and learn about different cultures.”

The father also revealed that his ex-wife has continued to promote Quranic hatred of Christians and himself for not adhering to Islamic law.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, continued “This is nothing short of brain-washing him. Already he is telling me that I have a black heart, that I am a bad man, because I am not a practising Muslim. I am heartbroken that I have to keep him away from activities with local children. He is being fed the same lies I was as a child and I want better for him. This judge was so busy being politically correct that she has ignored the influence of myself as a loving father. I am terrified that he will stop wanting to see me because of his indoctrination.”

The father added that his strict Pakistani parents taught him to never mix with non-Muslim friends. He shared, “I was taught that Christians were heartless and immoral, that only Muslims have a peaceful faith and all others are evil. It was only when I began mixing with Christians that I learned this was nonsense. They run many activities my son enjoys, so I go to the church and would like to take my son. But when his mother found out, she applied to the court and won the order which prevents the boy being taken to any Christian building.”

The court denied him the right to teach his child about Christianity. This judge has now promoted one religion over another.

Photo: Asia News, Daily Mail

Judge discriminated against all other religions to avoid being labeled 'Islamophobic.'

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