Yale Historian Believes President Trump Will Attempt To Overthrow American Ideals Of Democracy

A historian from Yale has put out a new book, and he claims that time is running out. According to the liberal professor, we have a year, at best, before President Donald Trump destroys democracy.

It's been 6 months since President Trump won the election and more than 100 days since he took office. There are still a lot of 'Chicken Little' types running around crying that the 'sky is falling', however. And there are a lot of pundits, filmmakers, and writers cashing in on that hysteria.

Timothy Snyder, Yale historian, has published a new book and claims that the Trump administration is going to stage a coup and overthrow democracy. "I think it’s pretty much inevitable that they will try," he told Salon.

"The conventional way to be popular or to be legitimate in this country is to have some policies, to grow your popularity ratings and to win some elections," Snyder explains. "I don’t think 2018 is looking very good for the Republicans along those conventional lines. Not just because the president is historically unpopular. It’s also because neither the White House nor Congress have any policies which the majority of the public like."

"This means they could be seduced by the notion of getting into a new rhythm of politics, one that does not depend upon popular policies and electoral cycles," Snyder adds.

Snyder urges people to go out and protest this coming regime change. He says people who care about freedom need to take risks. " I think if enough of us take the little risks at the beginning, which aren’t really that significant, this will prevent us from having to take bigger risks down the line," he explains.

"We are still at a stage where protest is not illegal. We’re still at a stage where protest is not lethal. Those are the two big thresholds. We are still on the good side of both of those thresholds and so now is the time you want to pack in as much as you can because you could actually divert things."

Doomsday prophecies, no matter what form they take, always seem to sell.

Source: Salon
Photo: Wikimedia

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