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Official White House Christmas Card Raises Eyebrows - And Questions

By this point in time, we all know that there’s virtually no news item that emanates from the White House that will not turn into a thing. While diligent coverage of presidential administrations is not a new phenomenon by any means, it has gone to an entirely different level since President Donald Trump entered office.

There are many reasons for that, such as increased interest in politics and passionate feelings of support and opposition in regards to Trump, but there’s not all that much that slips through the cracks without being discussed ad nauseam.

For confirmation on that, we need to look no further than the row that has developed over the official White House Christmas card. Trump has made specific mention of the fact that he wants to bring the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ back into prominence as opposed to the generic ‘Happy Holidays,’ and the card reflects the sentiment of his choosing.

Unsurprisingly, this has sparked a healthy debate - as well as one that has taken many twists and turns.

As the International Business Times shares, eagle-eyed observers have been quick to point out that the signatures of the president and First Lady Melania Trump on the card are strikingly similar.

“Is it strange that I expected Melania's signature to be ultra feminine and graceful? Not what I pictured at all,” shared one user.

“Sooo did donald make melania change her signature to look like his?” wrote one commenter.

“Is it weird that Melania's signature is exactly like her husband's? Like, exactly?” added another poster.

There has been no official response to this burgeoning ‘controversy,’ but it nonetheless provides an interesting snapshot into how folks become consumed with even the most minute details when it comes to Trump.

As for the card itself, many folks have taken umbrage with the choice of greeting, while others have welcomed it with open arms. Regardless, it really shouldn’t be all that surprising for anyone that caught Trump on the stump last year.

"Merry Christmas, everybody. Merry Christmas," Trump said during an appearance in Michigan last December. "Right? Merry Christmas. We're gonna start saying 'Merry Christmas' again."

Based on those sentiments, it’s pretty unclear how anyone can be all that shocked that the official WH card boasts the phrase ‘Merry Christmas.’ In any event, FLOTUS appears particularly excited to be spending her first holiday season in the nation’s capital.

The White House is completely decked out in festive ways, and reports indicate that Melania was personally involved in all of this year’s decorating choices. Based on the pics that have been making the rounds, she did a heckuva job.

"The President, Barron, and I are very excited for our first Christmas in the White House. As with many families across the country, holiday traditions are very important to us. I hope when visiting the People's House this year, visitors will get a sense of being home for the holidays," she said in a press release.

"On behalf of my husband and Barron, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season."

Source: Yahoo, IB Times
Photo: YouTube, Ron Sachs - CNP/MEGA

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