While Shopping In La-La Land, Tiffany Trump Becomes Enamored With POTUS Action Figure

In comparison to her siblings, Tiffany Trump has it made when it comes to the current political environment. Sure, there are unhinged critics that will blast her for unclear reasons, but it’s pretty clear that she’s well out of the fray.

The same can’t be said for Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr., all of whom had rather high-profile roles in their father’s run for office. Ivanka has gone on to move to the nation’s capital and assume a position in her father’s administration, while Eric and Don remain vocal advocates and staunch defenders of their father.

As a result, critics have an absolute field day with this trio, and they are generally held to be personally accountable for the actions of their father. All three are constantly being ripped on social media, and none of them have anything resembling privacy when they step out into the public eye.

The youngest member of the Trump clan, Barron, is also in the spotlight whenever he pops his head out, as there’s a natural fascination with children that grow up in the White House.

By comparison, Tiffany gets to fly under the radar. Sure, there’s plenty of interest when she’s out and about, but it’s just not the same as what her siblings have to deal with.

The 24-year-old Georgetown law student even seems to be able to enjoy herself without too much judgement being passed along. As the Daily Mail shares, it certainly looks like she was doing just that during a recent shopping trip in Los Angeles.

Tiffany was accompanied by a Secret Service agent as she made her way around a Kitson Kitross store, and she was incredibly amused by the fact that the store had some action figures of her father in stock.

“Where on earth do you guys find this stuff?” she reportedly said.

She would go not to purchase three of the 'Over Re-action' figures, which are noted for the ability to pose the commander-in-chief with his middle finger extended.

“My Dad couldn't have this in the Oval Office,” she added, “But he could have it in his New York one.”

One shopper that was in the store at the time noted that Tiffany seemed to be having a fabulous time.

“Tiffany posed for photos with other shoppers and seemed very down to earth,” the shopper claimed, also noting that the agent that was with her seemed to be having some fun too.

“He said he would be back tomorrow on his day off to look around.”

Kitson Kitross owner Fraser Ross also noted that she was quite approachable and personable.

'Tiffany definitely had a sense of humor about what we carry in the store pertaining to her Dad both good and bad,” Ross said.

“I think at this point she knows that it sort of comes with the territory!”

It’s good to see that Tiffany can take things in stride, but we would imagine that’s also easier when you’re not directly being pulled into controversy after controversy on a daily basis.

Some critics will still call her out here and there for this or that, but that generally comes across as rather petty since Tiffany is pretty detached from the day-to-day happenings at the White House.

If she’s learned anything from watching her older siblings, perhaps it’s best if she keeps it that way for the sake of her own sanity.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Blink News

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