What Is 'Apprentice' Star Omarosa's Role In The White House?

Even other Trump administration staffers are unsure why Omarosa Manigault is on the government payroll.

Officially, the woman who appeared on Donald Trump’s reality shows “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” is the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison. She has an office in the West Wing, with an annual salary of $179,700, according to the Daily Beast.

A reporter for the news site recently interviewed Omarosa, who claimed to be so busy that she could spend only 15 minutes answering questions. The staffer offered to let the journalist follow her around, as she performed her duties in the White House and at an office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. “You can see me in action,” she promised.

Omarosa’s responsibilities that day included approving menus and place settings for a dinner featuring German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The White House also was the scene of Omarosa’s bridal luncheon that day. She is familiar with the presidential residence, having served as a 23-year-old special assistant of logistics for former Vice President Al Gore. She later worked in President Bill Clinton’s personnel office, as well as at the Commerce Department.

In 2008, Omarosa wrote a book, “The Bitch Switch,” which she described as a “step-by-step guide for locating your inner bitch, personalizing your switch, and knowing when to turn it on and when to turn it off.” She wrote that her supervisor in the personnel office was “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” who “constantly sabotaged (her) efforts.” The staffer’s tenure at the Commerce Department was brief. Cheryl Shavers, the agency’s undersecretary for technology at the time, recalled in a People magazine interview that Omarosa “was asked to leave as quickly as possible.” Shavers said “one woman wanted to slug her.”

Katrina Campins, who portrayed Omarosa’s roommate and bridesmaid on “The Apprentice,” claimed that her former co-star “is a lot softer now.” The reporter observed Omarosa cheerfully greeting other female White House staffers with a perky “hey, girl!” and leaving them with “later, gator.” She discussed fashion and other non-political topics while dining with communications employees at the Navy mess hall.

Later, Omarosa welcomed her guests for the bridal luncheon, which had a St. Patrick’s Day theme. The entourage included her mother, Theresa Manigault (also known as “Momarosa”); her fiancé, the Rev. John Allen Newman; and eight bridesmaids. Taxpayer-funded servers provided the meal, which was preceded by appetizers and followed by desserts. The event was a precursor to Omarosa’s bridal shower. “It was a good way to spend time with her before the wedding got under way,” one of the bridesmaids, former Clinton administration aide Aisha McClendon, explained.

When asked to detail what she actually does to earn her salary, Omarosa replied: “Everything.” But she did not provide specifics, and the reporter left the White House without getting a real answer. Another aide said he had “no clue” about the woman’s duties. There was supposed to be a second interview, but it did not take place. Omarosa allegedly failed to return “dozens of calls, emails and texts over the course of several months.”

Source: The Daily Beast
Photo: YouTube

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