Warren Slams Senators Who Voted For Sessions’ ‘Radical Hatred’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren vowed Wednesday night, after the Senate confirmed the nomination of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, to hold the new attorney general accountable.

MSN reported that Warren, who led the opposition to Sessions in Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, declared that “this is just the beginning” of her fight to ensure that President Trump’s administration enforces the nation’s civil-rights laws.

Hours after the full Senate approved the nomination, the Massachusetts Democrat warned Sessions to not take “his racism, sexism & bigotry to the Justice Department (or) he will hear from all of us.” Warren also issued a tweet threatening to challenge senators who voted for “radical hatred” in supporting Sessions.

A leader of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing and a possible 2020 presidential candidate, Warren gained status in the eyes of Democrats this week when Republican senators silenced her Tuesday night during a Sessions hearing. Warren began reading a letter that Coretta Scott King wrote in 1986, opposing a federal judgeship for the Alabama Republican. GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked Senate Rule 19, which forbids the “impugning” of a senator. That forced Warren to stop talking. Republicans also prevented her from speaking during the Sessions confirmation debate on the Senate floor.

Enraged Democrats quickly rose to Warren’s defense, creating social-media hashtags like #letlizspeak and #shepersisted, according to MSN, which pointed out that the senator had pledged to “persist” in dogging Sessions.

Following the confirmation vote, Warren tweeted: “There's no Rule 19 to silence me from talking about Jeff Sessions anymore. So let me say loudly & clearly, this is just the beginning; and you better believe every senator who voted to put Jeff Sessions’ radical hatred into @TheJusticeDept will hear from all of us, too.”

CNN reported that another progressive Democrat, California’s Barbara Lee, promised on Twitter to “oppose any attempt by AG Sessions, the Justice Department & the administration to turn back the clock on our constitutional rights.” The liberal Center for American Progress cautioned that “there is no reason to think that Attorney General Sessions will act as an independent check on the president.”

Source: MSN
Photo: YouTube

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