Veteran Burns Steelers Jacket In Protest Of NFL Players

The NFL has stirred a lot of controversy by backing players who opt out of the National Anthem and saluting the flag. The players have argued that they have a right to protest, and even those who disagree with the protest have supported the rights of other players to do it. People across the country are taking a page out of that playbook; they are protesting the NFL.

U.S. Army veteran Arvin Gibbs couldn't be more disappointed in NFL players for their disrespect of the flag and of veterans. Staging his own protest, Gibbs dressed up in full uniform. He ceremonially burned a Steeler's jacket and hat in his yard as he held up a flag and played the 'Star Spangled Banner'.

According to Gibbs, he was a major fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers for over 50 years, but he's now 'done' with the team and has lost respect for them.

According to Gibbs, the protesters 'ruined one of America's favorite Sunday afternoon pastimes'.

"Then they showed a lot of disrespect for all our fallen soldiers and wounded veterans," added.

"It's an attack not only against our nation and what we've stood for over the years, it's an attack against the military," said Gibbs.

On Sunday's opening game, almost all of the team remained in the locker room for the anthem. One lonely player went out on the field to salute the flag: Alejandro Villanueva, who is himself a veteran.

Gibbs is not the only one who is in an uproar over the NFL's acceptance of players disrespecting the flag. More and more videos are showing up on YouTube featuring people across the nation burning jerseys, jackets, hats, pictures, season tickets and more.

Texas resident Robert Williams burned over $1,000 worth of NFL gear.

"We have morals in this country. We stand for this country," he said. "My great uncle’s bones are lying in the bottom of Pearl Harbor for this country, for the flag, for your freedom to play in the NFL and to say whatever you want to say. But you do not disrespect the flag, and the country, and the Constitution and why we have our freedoms. So watch this stuff burn."

Some believe that the NFL players do have a right to be angry about problems in our country, and they do have a right to free speech and peaceful protests; however, it should be on their own time. Fans question the judgement of the players for bringing that beef on the field. People want to go to a football game to escape the problems the country faces now, not to be reminded of the political strife or possibly be offended.

"For as long as I can remember, I've been a Steeler's fan; but I've been American longer than that," said one woman in a YouTube compilation, standing next to an American Flag. "...From now on, I'm done with the Steelers."

The woman ripped off her Steeler's shirt to reveal a 'Trump' t-shirt underneath.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: YouTube

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