The Ultimatum Was Simple - Prove Legal Status Or Be Fired, Then This Happens

Some 31 undocumented immigrants in New York recently got a letter from their boss: prove you're legally able to work in the U.S. or you're fired. The illegal aliens are furious and are fighting back.

Tom Cat, an industrial bakery that supplies bread to New York businesses, conducted a federally mandated audit of the immigration status of their workers. More than two dozen employees didn't have the right paperwork, so the company sent a letter giving the employees two weeks to produce the proper documentation. Those who could not prove they can legally work in the U.S. were warned they would be fired.

When these kinds of audits have occurred in the past, undocumented workers would usually slip back into the shadows and seek illegal employment elsewhere. With the recent political climate, however, illegal aliens are banning together and demanding rights they have not earned.

“We refuse to be thrown away like the bakery's garbage,” complained Sabino Milian, an employee at Tom Cat whose job is on the line.

“The Trump administration may want us to disappear,” said Librada Antigua, another undocumented employee, “but we’re not leaving our children for anything.”

Henry Rivera says their demonstrations are not just for the people working at Tom Cat, 'but for workers in New York and the whole nation.'

Legal advocacy group National Employment Law Project is getting involved, with a spokesperson claiming that the bakery has 'a golden opportunity to act responsibly and stand up to President Trump's harsh immigration policies'... as if that's a good thing.

"[Tom Cat] can and should be a leader by doing all it can within the bounds of the law to protect its workers," she said, "who have baked and delivered their bread and built their company," said NELP director of partnerships Haeyoung Yoon.

Tom Kat initially attempted to comply with federal immigration laws and mandates, but has under pressure begun to cooperate with undocumented workers and their representation.

Source: Buzzfeed
Photo: Sydney Morning Harold

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