Trump's Low Energy Levels Reportedly Proving Problematic On Trip To Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump's words have come back to haunt him yet again after the White House mentioned he made a simple mistake because he was 'exhausted'. Social media users scrambled to say Trump lacks the stamina to be president, calling him out for having low energy.

The president made a minor gaffe in a speech he gave during his visit to Saudi Arabia, and he sat out an event while allowing daughter Ivanka to give a speech for him. Because of this, many of his critics are taking a page from Trump's campaign book, saying he doesn't have the energy to be president.

When Trump was running against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign, he frequently pointed to her health problems and said she might not be healthy enough to lead. Clinton had some alarming health issues on the campaign trail, such as coughing fits and zoning out. At one point, she collapsed and had to be dragged into a car by her aides. She cancelled a number of events, and Trump used the situation to his advantage by saying his opponent didn't have the stamina or strength it would require to be the POTUS.

On Trump's first visit abroad, he gave a speech in Saudi Arabia, and said 'Islamic extremism' instead of the politically correct preferred term 'Islamist extremism'. Islamists support militant Islam, whereas Islamic simply means being related to Islam. This minor difference set the political correctness police off in a tizzy.

In addition, Trump sat out an event and allowed daughter Ivanka Trump to stand in his place. When questioned about the change of plans and the verbal faux pas, the White House responded that the president was 'just an exhausted guy'.

That unleashed backlash against the 70-year-old, and many turned the tables on him that they had been eagerly waiting to turn. Now Trump is at the other end of 'not enough stamina' and 'low energy' accusations.

Trump may be the oldest person ever elected U.S. president, but he’s not yet the oldest president. That honor would go to Ronald Reagan, who was 77 years old on his last day in office. If Trump completes a second term, he’ll be the oldest president in history, leaving office at the age of 78.

While running for President, Trump released his medical records, showing he was in good health. He appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" at the time and said that he felt like a man in his 30’s.

Source: AOL
Photo: YouTube

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