Trump Just Caught NYT In Massive Lie Over Patriots Coverage

President Donald Trump unleashed a new tweet accusing the New York Times of lying about him again. The times posted a photo and suggested that the New England Patriots snubbed Mr. Trump's invitation to the White House. The POTUS felt the need to set the record straight again.

The New York Times posted photos on Wednesday trying to compare President Trump to former President Barack Obama in a way that made Trump look bad. The Times' sports section posted two photos on Wednesday. One was when the Patriots visited Barack Obama in 2015, and the team members were lining the stairs on each side of the podium. The other was of this week's visit. The stage looks starkly empty in comparison as if the team had little interest in accepting the invitation from President Trump.

“Failing @nytimes, which has been calling me wrong for two years, just got caught in a big lie concerning New England Patriots visit to W.H.,” tweeted Mr. Trump.

The New England Patriots backed him up. “These photos lack context,” read a tweet from the team's official twitter page, linking to the NYT article. “Facts: In 2015, over 40 football staff were on the stairs. In 2017, they were seated on the South Lawn.”

There was a small dip in attendance, from over 40 guests to 34, but the same amount of team members were represented.

Red-faced, the Times reluctantly clarified the story behind the pictures the next day.

President Trump has been at war with the media, particularly with the New York Times, and the press has by and large criticized him for it. The NYT in particular, a liberal-leaning media organization, tends to downplay or ignore any positive news about the president while harping on and even twisting any story that sheds a negative light on him. If they want the president to stop accusing them of publishing biased, unfair articles, perhaps they should stop writing biased, unfair articles.

Source: Politico
Photo: Conservative Tree House

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